Journey beyond the graveyard of desolate souls into the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

In our retirement we continue to enjoy the opportunity to travel to see many of the other haunting efforts in our area. We are posting our tour reports Beyond the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. The first to be public was for 2010 followed by our 2008 tour.

For 2012 our group split up a bit in order to attend some personal events. We made sure that we returned to some of our favorite haunts, including: House of Restless Spirits, House at Haunted Hill, Rotten Apple 907 – The Haunted Wilsley Manor, Boney Island, and The Haunt with No Name. One highlight was a visit to the Fall of the Pumpkin People, a new discovery by our friend Greg.

We are pleased to refer you to the fine reviews of Los Angeles area Halloween attractions by Steve Biodrowski at Hollywood Gothique. He has posted detailed reviews and videos of many of our favorite haunts and others in the Los Angeles area. Previously posted is a nice article on haunts past, which includes many of our favorite events and some we are sad to have missed.

For thirty-three years, during the Halloween season, there appeared at a home in Studio City, California a display of mysterious illusions. It was known as the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. Hundreds of very appreciated visitors made seeing the display a part of their annual traditions.

It is very sad that all things must pass, and this Halloween display was no exception. With extreme gratitude to neighbors for their patience, friends for their support, and families for their understanding, the hosts of the show moved on to other endeavors.

This web-site,, is being maintained by the show hosts for historical and correspondence purposes. Please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below. Particularly appreciated is informaton about any available video or film of the show, or any images of the oldest displays.

Thank You

First Appearance: Wednesday, October 31, 1973

Final Manifestation: Monday, October 31, 2005

Last Website Update: November 1, 2012